Vanessa Cavallaro

Liguria, Italy - Glassmith
Vanessa Cavallaro learned the secrets of the glyptic glassmaking on the wheel as a child, visiting her family workshop. Her subsequent studies in fine arts and design and her constant exploration of glassmaking and engraving gave her the ability to create veritable art pieces. In 1993 she started her own workshop in Altare, in Liguria, collaborating with experienced craftsmen. In 2000, she was asked to participate at the 11th Decoration et Jardin exhibit in Monte Carlo, earning the status of international artist and designer.

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A glassmaking tradition renewed over the years Vanessa Cavallaro

Vanessa Cavallaro

Vanessa Cavallaro engraves the crystal recreating the craftsmanship of the past. Shelovesto make traditional art dialogue with a meticulous study of materials and the search for an innovative design. Her creations are unique and made entirelyby hand to pay homage to the best Made in Italy glass art. Vanessa believes in the heritage of knowledge that Italy has preserved for millennia, which is why she engraves glass by hand with the ceramic wheel technique, already created by the Romans in the first century BC. 

Vanessa Cavallaro is one of the last artisans able to perform work with this slow and complex procedure, capable of giving unique dynamism and materiality to the representations on the crystal. She lives and works in Altare, a small town nestled between the Alps and the Ligurian Apennines: this has always been a city dedicated to culture and the art of glassmaking. Here she learned the job from her father who in turn learned it from her grandfather. And back again, from generation to generation. Vanessa Cavallaro started producing her own lines of engraved classwork in 1993, in her own workshop together with reliable craftsmen. She also started working for internationally important companies.

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