Artemest Selects Design Week 2022

In occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, discover a curated selection of newly released collections designed by some of the best Italian artisans and designers. Take a look at new in from Missoni Home Collection, Sitap, Laura Meroni, Annibale Colombo, Pinetti, Cerasarda, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Giobagnara, Extroverso, Vaporetto, Chiara Provasi, and La Manifacture.

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​Annibale Colombo was founded in 1812 by Filippo Colombo, is now an international reference point for quality woodworking. Going by its current name since 1990, the company has skillfully combined industrial structures and avant-garde techniques with artisanal tradition.

Part of the new releases is the Ovale tables with Kenja Black marble top and a solid wooden table finished and sanded by hand and other pieces of furniture with a splendid showcase of a refined yet minimalist style.


​Cerasarda was founded by Prince Karim Aga Khan and established in Olbia in 1963 as “la Ceramica Della Costa Smeralda”. Since its inception, Cerasarda has distinguished itself for the exquisite work of local craftsmen whose vibrant enamel colors and refined decorations evoke the iconic landscape of Sardinia's Emerald Coast.

Part of the new releases is a series of sculptures and vases in collaboration with Letizia Piani presenting a unique designs inspired by windows dotting of houses' facades that overlook the Maddalena marina in Sardinia, seaside rocks shaped by waves and wind over time, and quaint homes dotting the Carloforte marina in Sardinia.


​Chiara Provasi is an interior designer with a prestigious international clientele. Her work stands out for its highly personal, diversified approach. She combines ancient and modern in an original fashion, free of pre-conceived rules and stylistic formulas, and achieves a new level of equilibrium that is both nostalgic and original.

Part of the new releases is a selection of turquoise pieces such as the Daphne in jacquard velvet and Daphne Oyster armchair in bouclè fabric and with pearls on the front. The Aria armchair has a curvilinear shape upholstered in ruched velvet.


​Extroverso distinguishes itself for its unconventional aesthetic and unique interpretations of artistic visions through the lens of tradition and modernity. Driven by a passion for design, founder Manuela Dello Strologo is joined by many talented designers.

Part of the new releases are the Lipstick chair and the Kaj chairwith a structure is in wood covered with a nice white and gray wallpaper, hand-applied to the base, legs and back panel, and the M&M chair with a gloss finish.


​Giobagnara designs lifestyle pieces for a contemporary living, sophisticated and eclectic products of functioning design, perfectly hand crafted with the finest materials whose colors and finishes can also be completly customized.

​In the latest releases we can findTechStraw placemats are sturdy and durable, ideal for year-round dining indoors or outdoors. The leather-bound Nespresso machine with a smooth, wavy decorative motif, and the Lluis collection featuring contemporary furniture boasting harmonious geometries in fine leather.


New on Artemest ​La Manufacture is a place where design and fashion collide, the brainchild of Robert Arncouri who brought together designer Luca Nichetto and fashion consultant Milena Laquale to lead the brand. This new Artemest addition distinguishes itself for evocative, modern designs with collections featuring renowned designers and studios like Oki Sato, Emma Boomkamp, and more.

Part of the new releases is a collaboration with Sebastian Herkner inspired by castanets, cheerful and sensuous finger clappers used as percussion instruments. Another is the 'Intersection' collection, celebrating monastery life and evoking traditional and religious furniture that favors function over ornamentation.


​Laura Meroni creates tailor-made solutions for customers who look for elegant furnishings with strong character and a perfect balance between art and design. It is furniture made in an artisanal way, skillful designers and craftsmen combine the finest wood, glass, marble and metals to fashion pieces that effortlessly blend art, design, and architecture.

Part of the new releases is a collection recalling sculptural shapes set on a pivoting base and offering a selection of contrasting hues and finishes. A merge of astonishing illuminations, embracing silhouettes in hyperwood plated with metal and showcasing a refined textured finish named Rapto​r.


​Missoni Home Collection is born from the creative genius of Rosita Missoni and established itself as a fashion and lifestyle brand in 1953 internationally renowned for its couture textiles and knitwear patterns. Missoni Home Collection is a home décor envisioning colorful and daring solutions to indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Part of the new releases are the Roma, Calabasas, Bali, Courchevel, New York and Portofino collections.


​Pinetti exquisite pieces are characterized by artisanal craftsmanship and constant research, can be seen in the most exclusive homes and boutique hotels in the world and received international awards, among which are Design Plus and Wallpaper Design.

Part of the new releases is a collection based on linearity and minimalism, plus exploring femininity with an elegant walnut wood valet stand, a new direction for Pinetti. Some of the pieces are a perfect synthesis between aesthetics and practicality.


​Sitap Carpet Couture Italia is born by the creative direction of Barbara Trombatone, persevering with elegance, creativity, high craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The importance stands with the meeting between unmistakable Italian style and the wonderful carpet world.

Part of the new releases is a collection characterized by astonishing geometric petal patterns in shimmery lurex yarn, designs by Tommaso Ceschi inspired by Venice's colorful historic Mardi Gras festival, and a limited edition piece hand-tufted in India using exquisite bamboo silk.


​Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH ("GTV") is part of the Viennese-style furniture tradition. It has re-edited a series of Viennese-style classic pieces, created by Michael Thonet and his five sons, and has been making exquisite objects that harmoniously combine functionality and elegance.

Part of the new releases is the MOS bookcase and NYNY chest of drawers designed by the duo of architects GamFratesi, this gorgeous bookcase will be ideally combined with the console, cabinet, and side table from the same collection. The Arcadia pouf is a sublime encounter of sinuous lines and dynamic movement that showcases a playful design.



​Vaporetto is a project created in 2019 by Enrico Trabacchin, a Venetian entrepreneur with a deep passion for art, in collaboration with expert Murano glassmakers Ballarin brothers. 

​Part of the new releases is the Macà collection, featuring products born from the hands of glass masters. The design and concept are forged between the canals of Venice and take the shape of a bottle cut in half. Macà represents one of the many bottles that pollute our seas.