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Furniture Maker - Marche, Italy

Founded by Mario Guerra in 1958 in Recanati, Marche, Arcahorn handcrafts luxury furniture and accessories that are instantly recognizable for their unique sartorial appeal and visual harmony. The zebu horn, symbol of Arcahorn’s craft and brand, is combined with other materials to create alluring pieces. Arcahorn’s history is deeply rooted in ancient handcrafting techniques passed down for generations. Today, the Guerra family continues to bridge traditional and modern design, resulting in exclusive collections that are synonymous with elegance and sophistication.


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We create unique pieces using an organic material that acquires value only after the raw material is crafted. Reuse and transform to create beauty.


Arcahorn is an Italian company specializing in working with Zebu horn, which is shaped into unique accessories and exclusively designed furniture pieces, entirely handmade in Italy. Our story begins in 1958, when Mario Guerra, fascinated by artisticcraftsmanship and inspired by the sensations that horn gives him, decided to open a workshop in Recanati. The small town in the Marche region, as well as the whole region, is a repository of culture and ancient traditions where passionate and inventive craftsmen undertake new activities, relying above all on their skills and creativity, mixing ancient knowledge with good taste.

Horn is a material with infinite natural nuances. To make the most of them, Arcahorn carries out careful research and selection offine materials such as wood essences, marbles, leathers and fabrics that enhance its peculiarities.

The vocation for craftsmanship is combined with attention to the environment by adopting low-impact solutions and concentrating production locally. Zebuhorns, raised in the wild in respect of the animal's ethology, are recovered for the manufacture of the products. The selected species (Horn Bos Taurus) are not protected by the Washington Convention and do not require CITES certification. The horn acquires new value through a meticulous craftsmanship process aimed at enhancing the organic and never equal in nature characteristics of the raw material.

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