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Luxury Trays for your Coffee Table Styling

Discover our hand picket collection of splendid trays for a glamorous coffee table styling. With the right decorative pieces, your coffee table can become the focal point of your living room and a trays together with flowers, books and candles are a must have component of any coffee table styling.

​Coffee tables are one of the most versatile pieces to add to any interior project. Aperfect blend of furniture and decor because of their endless styling possibilities, when carefully designed they can add a touch of personality to suit the mood of an entire room. To contain classic coffee table books, vases, clorful flower compositions and even bowls and jewelery, an insider trick is to use a statement tray to tie the project together and to create a fil rouge between all the different elements of decor.

The possibilities on this matter are varied: from classic wood trays with metal accents to unique marble pieces, there's a choice for every coffe table. Explore on Artemest a selection of luxurious trays that can make your table the focal point of your living room handmade by the best Italian artisans: satin brass trays in unexpected pink by ​Mingardo, iron pieces with stunning feather decorations by ​Les Ottomans, timeless ebony designs by ​Promemoria, and trays with one-of-a-kind horn decorations by ​Silia.

Your bag is waiting to be filled with treasures that will transform your home into a realm of sophistication and comfort
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