Ghidini 1961

Lombardy, Italy - Designer
Ghidini Bosco has been creating custom-made brass objects for more than 60 years, in a factory where each stage of production is meticulously developed. In 2016, the company started the new brand “Ghidini 1961” which collaborates with international designers to create innovative, timeless pieces in stainless steel and brass, chiseled with all the care for every detail that is distinctive of Ghidini’s fine craftsmanship.

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Brass and Design for Life. Ghidini 1961

Ghidini 1961

Ghidini1961 of Villa Carcina, in the province of Brescia, belongs to Italy’s manufacturing excellence, thanks to their unparalleled production skills. A specialist in die casting brass, aluminum and steel, the company excels in combining advanced technologies with traditional craft skills. With these solid foundations, the creative team composed by international designers has been able to enhance the properties of metals by creating innovative, timeless pieces chiseled with all the care for every detail that is distinctive of Ghidini’s fine craftsmanship. The collection includes works of art, where metal acquires an almost sculptural power, upholstered furniture, dining tables, cabinets and finely chiseled home accessories.

The products embrace almost all articles for use at home, which are interpreted in an unusual joyful way: from comfy and versatile sectional sofas, to very seductive, almost sculptural upholstered design statements, such as the Abbracci sofa, conceived by Lorenza Bozzoli or Stefano Giovannoni’s Frame collection, where geometric shapes are softened by the velvety surface of metal to create a sleek collection of sofas, armchairs, dining tables and bookshelves.

Ghidini1961 with its strong metal connotation, sources only from local suppliers of brass, aluminum and steel whose route is extremely circular: scrap and discarded materials are melted down and provide the useful material for making Ghidini products.

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