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The Terrace by MONIOMI Design

Discover the Terrace of L’Appartamento curated by MONIOMI Design for Artemest. The Miami based studio wanted to create an exterior space that felt like an interior space. The caliber of decor and furniture is intended to be seamless from the interior to the exterior.


MONIOMI Design is an award-winning Miami based interior design firm, renowned for their eclectic, bold and elevated approach. From luxury residential and commercial projects to bespoke furniture and collectibles, the studio is located in Little River, a burgeoning creative micro-neighborhood in Miami.

Husband and wife team, Monica Santayana and Ronald Alvarez, are at the forefront of a new generation of Miami tastemakers and designers. Their work is featured in publications like AD Mexico, Elle Decor, Dwell and Forbes.

With every project what we really want is to create an experience built by color, pattern, and curation.


The Terrace Concept

For the terrace of L’Appartamento MONIOMI Design wanted to create an exterior space that felt like an interior space. The designers were careful in selecting homey, larger, and upholstered pieces that felt like they could be used for an interior space. MONIOMI Design brought a graphic aspect to the historic feel of the space, through the choice of color and by incorporating organic shapes such as the Nuovola 01 dining table designed by Mario Cucinella for Officine Tamborrino. The black and white materials intertwined with greens creating a cohesive flow while making an impactful graphic statement.

The terrace showcases elements that are strongly integrated in MONIOMI Design aesthetic and design language, bringing in color saturation and layered patterns that are a representation of the studio’s vibrant Hispanic roots embedded within Miami's culture. For L’Appartamento terrace MONIOMI has brought Miami to Italy, executing a tropical vibe with a fine layer of Italian craftsmanship, furniture and quality. That marriage is really the perfect fit for L'Appartamento exterior space.

It was important that the terrace felt as primary as the interior while supporting our aesthetic and the way we approach all our designs, which meant bringing in the color saturation and pattern that we identify with. Luckily, we were able to find that through Artemest’s list of beautiful artisans and craftsmen, who provide an amazing variety of these products.


Featured Artisans & Brands


We value everything that Artemest does and stands behind, and they have a beautiful range of traditional to modern pieces.


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