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The Dining Room by Nina Magon

Discover the dining room of L’Appartamento curated by Nina Magon for Artemest. Houston based interior designer loved the authenticity of the flooring, doors and walls of the space and with her design concept, she wanted to create a juxtaposition between modern and finely tuned furniture pieces, placing them against the originality of the space in a semi-monochromatic way.


Renowned for creating spectacular and curated spaces globally, Nina Magon, founder and principal of Nina Magon Studio, is a multifaceted interior designer, interior architect, and business magnate, delivering luxurious residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Her edgy and daring aesthetic infuses each design with her signature style by using bold elements, color, and timeless modernity. Nina creates uniquely luxurious spaces and pieces inspired by worldly cultures, which excite the senses and deliver excellence to her discerning clientele. Nina has received accolades and global recognition for her exquisite collection of work.

We are luxury and understand the luxury market in terms of aesthetic, taste and uniqueness. In every project we design, we have a moment of interest which captures the eye in an unforgettable way.


The Dining Room Concept

For the dining room Nina Magon wanted to create a juxtaposition between modern and finely tuned furniture pieces and place them against the originality of the space in a semi-monochromatic way, to enhance the authenticity of the original flooring , doors and walls.

Nina Magon’s roots are from India, and after visiting the country, from the castles of Jaipur to the local coffee shops in Delhi, she become more aware of the importance of keeping the background character of spaces original; with this in mind, the main objective was to add pieces that are artistic and unique in their own way, such as the concrete and glass dining table by DELMONDO Studio; the Flow[t] pendant lamps by Nao Tamura for WonderGlass; the sculputal chair by Antonio Saporito for Travertini e Pietre. Combined with other interesting sculptural objects such as the Eterotopia Variazione C7 Sculpture by Pietro Spoto Studio and the he Big Paonazzo Marble Amphitheatre Floor Lamp by Fiammetta V Home Collection to accentuate the beauty of the space in its totality.

Our style can be considered forward thinking, in which creativity evokes an emotion.


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Artemest is so special because each artisan is Italian rooted; some are big companies and some are smaller individuals creating something very special and remarkable.


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