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A craftsman’s intuition to apply wood veneering techniques to concrete led to the development of CIMENTO® in 2019, a patented technology that transforms heavy concrete into a light and flexible covering slab. Handmade furniture, home décor, and lighting collections come to life, all pooled together by a trademark cutting-edge concrete veneer. The company boasts collaborations with renowned professionals such as Defne Koz & Marco Susani, Omri Revesz, Studio 63, BBA Studio, and Patricia Urquiola. PEFC and FSC certifications attest to the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

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Born to be concrete. Cimento


CIMENTO®COLLECTION was born in 2019 from the intuition of a craftsman who was able to transform his experience in wood veneering into the ability of crafting a material as "traditional" in its aesthetic appearance as innovative in its conception: concrete. A patented technology by the CIMENTO®R&D team transforms the heavy and static traditional concrete into a light and flexible slab, which is once bent and adapted to existing shapes thus creating a line of sculptural furnishings that combines monolithic design with constructive lightness.

CIMENTO® is an Italian brand that striving excellence through design was able to introduce new and innovative way of living concrete furniture, both in indoor and outdoor environments. From tables to stools, vases to chairs, and benches to lighting systems, CIMENTO® creates unique hand crafted products.

Since its conception, CIMENTO®COLLECTION has been linked to its territory, paying vivid attention to the nearby city of Venice and its surrounding lagoon. For 1600 years, art and history have been reflected in the waters of the most beautiful city in the world: Venice. From this, we constantly get inspired to create beauty and preserve the territory. 

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