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Craafts is an Italian artisanal workshop specializing in high fashion production founded in 2013 by Ebi Handmade Accessories. Run by the creative duo of architects Elif Malkoclar and Davide Dell'Acqua, it embodies an elegant, harmonious blend of architecture and artisanship. The brand combines fashion, design, art, and high-end craftsmanship using first-rate fabrics and textiles exclusively handmade following ancient traditional techniques interpreted in a refined contemporary key.

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CRAAFTS: handcrafted surfaces for fashion & interiors Craafts


CRAAFTS is a brand born in 2013 from the experience of EBI HANDMADE ACCESSORIES, a workshop specializing in special handcrafted products for High Fashion. CRAAFTS works on the border between fashion, design, art and high craftsmanship, dealing withtextile surfaces, exclusively made by hand. Each surface originates from processes performed with ancient craft techniques, revisited and made contemporary.

Craafts is led by creative duo Elif Malkoclar and Davide Dell'Acqua, Architects who embody an approach to design that crosses the boundaries between lifestyle and design objects. They consider themselves a 'Double A' team: both Architects and Craftsmen. Craafts creates handmade masterpieces for the high fashion industry and designers worldwide. Drawing from years of experience, it creates trends and one-of-a-kind pieces for major high fashion and design collections. Throughout its history, Craafts has built, with dedication, passion and the utmost attention to detail, an archive of more than 6,000 textile samples made exclusively by hand.

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