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Founded in 2015, Design-Italiano or D-ITA is a young furniture and consulting firm proposing luxury, curated design solutions in collaboration with designers, architects, and artists experts in their respective fields, ranging from fashion to interior design and lighting. Attentive to market trends to always showcase iconic objects, D-ITA team provides clients with a singular experience that reflects modern aesthetic sensibilities, guaranteeing the quality and excellence of entirely “Made in Italy” production and distribution chains.

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A new experience in the design world. D-Ita


The curated selection offered by D-ITA aims to be a new experience in the world of design. Starting from the design to the development, construction details, production and distribution, D-ITA provides unmatched quality for timeless pieces. Armchairs, desks, tables, and bookcases are handcrafted in Italy with a unique attention to detail by skilled artisans, in order to ensure the best furniture pieces for residential and commercial spaces. 

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