Fornace Mian

Veneto, Italy - Glassmith
Alfio Mian established Fornace Mian in 1962. A decade later, his son Giuliano took over and this Murano glass factory now boasts a staff of 80 people and 26 furnaces. Proudly joined by his two children, Simone and Patrizia, and by world-renowned artists and designers, Giuliano continues producing art, pursuing a deep passion for glass and finely-made objects.

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Fornace Mian guarantees high standards of quality balancing craftsmanship and technology, passion and tradition. Fornace Mian

Fornace Mian

Based in Murano, Fornace Mian is a historic furnace specialized in the creation of stunning glass decorative objects.
Artistic glass, both mouth-blown and hand-made, requires different work teams composed by a master and other three or four people, all very skilled in the different phases of glass-working.

The master blows and/or shapes the glass piece: thanks to his sensitivity and artistic ability, he always succeeds in obtaining the desired shape and size. Master glassmakers are not born, they are made: all you need is some aptitude, hard work, a fair amount of pride and the powers of observation to benefit from the skills of other glass masters. 

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