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Officina Della Scala
Officina Della Scala
Officina Della Scala
Officina Della Scala
Officina Della Scala
Officina Della Scala

Officina Della Scala

Furniture Maker - Lombardia, Italy

Boasting a prolific 40-year-long career in design and architecture, Giorgio Pozzi founded Officina Della Scala, a leading network of exceptional designers, architects, engineers, craftsmen, and partnered brands that work together on bespoke projects and products driven by an innovative approach and use of high-quality materials. Merging creativity with traditional Italian expertise, Officina Della Scala aims at creating elegant, custom pieces of refined sophistication that will withstand the test of time.


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This is our strength: we give value to every phase of the project, to make the customers live their dreams and therefore to be happy.


Giorgio Pozzi, CEO of Officina Della Scala, has been developing custom design and architectural projects for more than 40 years. a wide range of projects, products, services, and solutions, innovative and unique in form and materials used. Officina Della Scala employs a group of designers, architects, engineers, craftsmen, and companies of excellence, that combines the strength of creativity, curiosity, and Italian expertise with the attention to internationality and openness to other cultures.

From the hardest and rawest materials to the softest and most refined ones, they put care and passion to create something that is not just a simple office, store, hotel, or house but a place where people can live well and relax. "We stand out for our extraordinary ability to combine creativity, customization, and executive management of the project, down to the smallest detail, offering the customer innovative and, above all, unique forms, materials, and production techniques." There is another essential and fundamental aspect of their work: the attention they pay to the client, interpreting and translating his dreams into form and material.

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