Rampinelli Edizioni

Lombardy, Italy - Furniture Maker
Founded in Bergamo in 2020, Rampinelli Edizioni is a furniture brand that combines the creativity of Sovrappensiero Design Studio and the know-how and technical expertise of Rampinelli S.p.A., a leader in metalworking manufacturing since 1913. Engineer Gabriele Rampinelli is at the helm of this new brand, whose first collection of steel furniture is inspired by geometric solids, archetypal forms that showcase an impressive functional architecture, captivating aesthetic, and a palette that recalls the colors of industrial machinery.

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Rampinelli Edizioni: a great industrial heritage combined with the beauty of design & art. Rampinelli Edizioni

Rampinelli Edizioni

Rampinelli has been working since 1913 in the manufacturing sector with customers from all over the world, specializing in the field of construction of large machines with one goal in mind - to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Over the years the company has developed internal know-how that allows it to work in many sectors. A firm supporter of the highest quality and Made in Italy, with this project the company wanted to create products of extraordinary solidity, which aim to convey the excellence of Italian engineering, the art of its workers, and the age-old techniques that have made Italy an international leader.

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