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Furniture Maker - Lombardia, Italy

Founded in 1967 by Vittorio Zanaboni in Meda, a small town near Milan in the renowned furniture-making district of Brianza, Zanaboni has always been focused on reinterpreting both classic and contemporary furniture with a distinctive flair. The high quality of the production process, precision of execution, and meticulous craftsmanship, combined with innovation and experimentation, create unique and exclusive home collections with refined and timeless charm.


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ZANABONI unbinds its creativity by giving shape to a unique and innovative style with a strong international imprint and a solid artisan base.


ZANABONI was born in 1967 in Meda as a company dedicated to the re-edition of classic and contemporary
furnishings with an exquisitelyneoclassical taste. Born from the desire to create fine furnishings, the company stands out for its unique and exclusive style,where the excellence of its artisanal production, inspired by Italian craftsmanship, blends with innovative production technologies and superior internationally recognized designers.

ZANABONI creations come from a strong identity experience that focuses on the human element and
manual processing, the result of masters artisans’ long experience, and a sentimental dimension in which
memory plays an important role, recovering traditional shapes and decorations. Over the past 25 years, the company has also turned its attention to that market sector with a contemporary taste, facing the new challenges posed by the market. As a result, Contemporary and Modern collections were born to propose a diverse home project that multiplies ZANABONI’s offer assortment, from living room furniture to a wide range of individual products united by the project’s originality but different for use.

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