Sardinian Rugs

Dive deep into a collection dedicated to the ancient art of Sardinian rug weaving and learn about this region's unique textiles, patterns, and motifs. The landscape, colors and countryside symbols of Sardinia are the inspiration behind these stunning rugs and tapestries, making for statement home décor pieces that will stand the test of time.

​Discover a selection of handwoven Sardinian rugs displaying the region's traditional techniques and learn more about the history and motifs most represented on these textile canvases. Add a Sardinian touch to your living spaces through creations from the region's most representative artisans such as Artigiantessile​Le Botteghe su Golone​Mariantonia Urru​Sartapp​Su Marmuri and ​Tessile Medusa based on floral, geometric or figurative designs.


The textiles

The signature style of Sardinian rugs burst from the land itself, being the inspiration for the development of handweaving techniques.

Tho most traditional one is of raised patterns of rhombuses in different sizes obtained with the "pibiones" named by the locals in the Sardinian dialect meaning 'grapes' due to the peculiar shape of its stitches.

This weaving technique gives the textiles an inebriating visual and tactile character, enlivened by geometric or figurative details progressively increasing in size.


​The Patterns

The imagery portrayed on Sardinian rugs is part of traditional patterns and motifs instilled in the history of this region.

Stylized male and female ancestral characteristics featured prominently on the canvas, convey a sense of rigorous authority. Triumphs of colorful flowers such as the typical "mirto" symbolize the different seasons and phases of life and are inspired by the vibrant design and paying homage to the island's rich culture.

Some designs are inspired also by the Mediterranean Sea and its vast wonders, such as an array of fish representing the different civilizations living amongst each other.​ Finally, traditional dances such as the one of "the Mamutzones" are the focus of inspiration as a typical costume from the Samugheo carnival.


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