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Nuvola Collection: Mario Cucinella X Officine Tamborrino

Officine Tamborrino presents Nuvola: the new collection of tables born in collaboration with Mario Cucinella. Conceived as an iconic design piece, the table has a dynamic cut, with sinuous curves that remember the shape of a cloud. Meet the architect and discover his approach to the design of Nuvola.

​Officine Tamborrino presents the new Nuvola Collection, designed by architect Mario Cucinella. Taking inspiration from the irregular and iconic shape of the cloud, this unique table series combines the intangible concept of this vaporous element with the solid and concrete essence of steel. Mario Cucinella designed the collection to push the boundary of this material and develop a poetic and timeless design.

Thanks to the mastery of Officine Tamborrino’s artisans, it has been possible to work with one material only, made extremely thin and processed to be as light as possible. Conceived following the core principles of sustainability and recycling, Nuvola Collection moves away from the concept of a table with edges and right angles and transforms a functional piece into a sinuous yet solid artwork. Meet Mario Cucinella and discover the secrets behind the conception of Nuvola Collection.

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The Nuvola Collection is the actualization of the in-depth research into materials and sustainable design which has guided Mario Cucinella Architects since its founding. How do the newest pieces embody this theme?

The theme of sustainability is expressed precisely in the material: metal. Metal’s advantage is durability, which is not only one of the great concepts in sustainability but also one of the most pressing. We developed the Nuvola Collection by pursuing the idea that the steel used can withstand the test of time, and by creating objects with production scraps, therefore reaching their full potential.

The new collection interprets a contrast between the light, intangible element of the cloud and the concrete solidity of steel. What inspired you to explore this aesthetic?

The aesthetic outline of the tables stems from the idea of a curve. Moving away from the concept of a table with edges and right angles, we decided to represent a different idea of being around the table, referring to an organic and accessible form revealed by a natural gesture. Thus, the cloud - nuvola in Italian - was born, fueled also by the contrasting materials: what can be seen as a strong and heavy material like steel, reveals instead its intrinsic lightness in the possibility of obtaining very thin sheets.

The colors and materials of the Nuvola Collection evoke an almost industrial, factory-inspired, aesthetic. How would you define the style of the Nuvola tables?

The Nuvola tables’ style is defined as a synthesis of the idea of the factory - with its industrial and experimental character - and the highest level of craftsmanship - with great precision and attention to detail. These two souls converge and are evoked through the collection. The Nuvola table is not simply a design object, but rather a design object created in a workshop.

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​Inside the Tamborrino workshop, a unique aesthetic and design sensibility are expressed, taking inspiration from the simplicity and linearity that has characterized Italian design since the 50s. Their signature use of steel to create delicate furniture brings solidity, stability and lightness to interior design. Since their first laboratory opened in 1957, the company has expanded, mixing elements of industrial architecture with fine home décor, creating distinctive collections praised for their dynamic and innovative ways of designing and manufacturing metal objects.