Bota Fogo

Lombardy, Italy - Ceramist
After years living and working in Brasil as an architect, Isabella Secchi’s passion for pottery led her to return to Italy to explore the medium and its artisan traditions. In 2018, Isabella opened her first ceramic atelier Bota Fogo in Milan, named after the Portuguese phrase for “throw in the fire!”. She incorporates architectural design elements into her ceramics using both manual and digital methods. Located in what was once an old printing house, her atelier welcomes artists from all over the world.

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Elegant Milanese style intertwined with Brazilian materiality Bota Fogo

Bota Fogo

The ceramic atelier Bota Fogo, was born from the experience of the architect and ceramist Isabella, who knew the world of ceramics in Brazil where, at the time, she lived and worked as an architect. 

The name Bota Fogo, which in Brazilian means "throw in the fire", refers to the ancestral origins of firing terracotta. The atelier is located inside a former printing workshop, in a typical context of Milanese council houses. It is divided into two spaces, on the one hand, a studio shared with other creative people, from illustrators to photographers, where Isabella works as an architect, and on the other hand the workshop itself.

The objects produced at Bota Fogo, reinterpret the two souls of Isabella, an elegant Milanese style intertwined with the tropical materiality of Brazilian life. In the creation of the objects is also included the architectural design, through the modeling of the pieces on the computer, both to preview proportions and shapes, and to create 3D models in plastic with which to subsequently realize the plaster molds. So there are craft and digital techniques that blend together.

The Collection

The collection Segno was born from the collaboration between designer Sara Banfi and architect/ceramist Isabella Secchi. In the Bota Fogo atelier, the designers/ceramists explore Milan by transferring the signs onto the material. A dreamy urban walk among the traces, the concepts and the feeling of the city. The reinterpretation of the proportions of Villa Crespi, a building by the Milanese architect Piero Portaluppi, gives life to the basic shape of the collection Segno - Impressioni milanesi. The repetition of the same shape is realized through artisanal and digital techniques: the matrix is drawn on the computer and created in plastic through 3d printer.

A plaster mold is then made that allows, with the technique of clay casting, the serial reproduction of the vases. The same form becomes the basis on which to experiment: details and details of the Milanese facades are reinterpreted with different techniques of ceramic decoration. Unique pieces represent the popular and elegant traces of the city of Milan. 

Bota Fogo

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