EVA Design

Veneto, Italy - Ceramist
Designer William Zanotto established EVA Design in 2016 to bring his idea of ceramic apple-shaped artworks to life. Named after the biblical figure Eve - Adam’s wife who dared to eat the forbidden fruit (an apple) from the tree of knowledge - the brand produces unique collections each with different sources of inspiration and aesthetic character. Zanotto only uses top-rate materials for his pieces, such as silver and 24K gold leaf in his Raku series drawing upon the ancient Japanese pottery technique.

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EVA Design

The idea of Eva, a decorative ceramic apple, was born in 2016 from the desire of the interior designers Raffaella Guarda and William Zanotto to create a surprising design object, which could be a container of dreams and concretely inspire the realization of people's wishes. Improving the world around us with small gestures is what prompted them to create this functional and original piece of furniture, pleasant in shape and touch.

Eva's apples are the result of a process defined in several steps, each of which embodies the uniqueness of this product. Experimental decorative techniques used and the dexterity in processing make the ceramic apples differ slightly in shape, weight, and size.

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