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Matrix International
Matrix International
Matrix International
Matrix International
Matrix International
Matrix International

Matrix International

Furniture Maker - Toscana, Italy

William Faulkner's quote "The past is never dead. It's not even past" brilliantly describes the modernist inspiration behind the brand Matrix International. With over 35-years of experience, the brand brought modernist designs to a wider, increasingly aware commercial public. Looking to the past as a way to the future is a vision also embodied in the brand's contemporary collections, which are distinguished by a balance between art and applied arts that is reflected in every minute detail.


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Matrix's collections express unique identities that stem from a belief in building future design on the legacy delivered by the modern world.


Since 1984, Matrix International has preserved modernist culture, respecting its complexity as it bridges art and applied arts. It has produced design objects created by the protagonists of that age and made them accessible to an increasingly aware and informed public. Matrix’s business adventure has had a single common denominator: giving life to projects never realized at the industrial level, from the rediscovery of discontinued products to their reintroduction on the commercial circuit. Matrix’s journey has been shared with a wide audience of enthusiasts, scholars, and researchers, thanks to the organization of exhibitions and the publication of scientific editions.

Concurrently, Matrix International has built its own contemporary repertory, made up of furnishings that deeply reflect its modern cultural heritage through its use of both materials and technology. Matrix’s collections express unique identities but originate from the same faith in the opportunity to build the design of the future on the heritage that modernism has conferred.

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