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Angelo Bellobono

Lazio, Italy | Painter

“Painting makes me feel at home.” Angelo Bellobono is a Roman-born artist who has traveled around the world capturing the relationship between humankind and nature. Merging disciplines such as anthropology and geology with the concepts of identity, boundaries, and territory, he experiments with his sense of “corporal” belonging, skillfully moving from one mountain landscape to another. Ice is a recurring element in his works, symbolizing the Earth’s memory that acts as a bridge between cultures and countries.

Valentina Sommariva

Lombardia, Italy | Photographer

Born and raised in Milan, Valentina Sommariva is a multi-hyphenate photographer. After receiving her Architecture Degree and studying Design at Brunel University in London, she attended the Contemporary Image master's course at Fondazione Fotografia Modena (2012-2014). She is also a member of the Italian Chartered Institute of Journalists, specializing in portraits, catalogs, interior design, and ad campaigns. She has exhibited her works worldwide and has been published by The Guardian, AD Italia, Financial Times, Elle Decor Italia, Holland, and Russia.

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Lombardia, Italy | Photographer

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo is an award-winning visual artist currently living and working between London and Milan. AI, machine learning, infrared systems, and virtual reality are all featured in his works, which are often focused on creation-destruction, past-future, and analog-digital. Winner of the European project BioArt Challenge, his current research on art and synthetic biology is supported by MUSE, Cardiff, and Zurich Universities. Museums and galleries worldwide hosted his works, also published on BBC, Vice, Inside Art, and Elle Decor, among others.

Ilaria Franza

Lombardia, Italy | Painter

A contemporary artist and painter from the Italian province of Como, Ilaria Franza graduated in Experimental Arts at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Renowned for her deft use of color, she works alongside interior and product designers to create exclusive paintings for modern decors. Her artworks offer a different perspective on the outer and inner worlds, leading the audience to an unexplored area of the mind that draws inspiration from Romanticism.

Santi Caleca

Lombardia, Italy | Photographer

On the scene since 1967, Santi Caleca worked as a photojournalist for the Palermitan newspaper “L’Ora” before moving to Milan for work. A fortuitous meeting with Casa Vogue’s former editor Isa Vercelloni in 1976 paved the way for a professional evolution, adapting the language of photography to interior design and architecture. His encounter with Ettore Sottsass in 1977 earned him a friendship and collaboration that lasted for over 30 years. Santi Caleca creates press campaigns and catalogs for renowned architecture firms, galleries, and museums worldwide.

Adriano Annino

Lombardia, Italy | Painter

Born in Naples and currently based in Milan, Adriano Annino is a prolific, all-around artist whose vision is best expressed through the convergence and blend of diverse artistic languages. His degrees in Music Theory and Trumpet from the Conservatory preceded and inspired his experimentation with painting to explore contemporary approaches to art. His artworks have been showcased in solo exhibits and major exhibitions such as the 2019 “Corpi Eloquenti” in Monza, “Eléphant Paname” in Paris, and “Angry Boys” at the Det Ny Kastet Museum in Thisted, Denmark.


Toscana, Italy | Accessories Maker

Silia is a luxury brand born in 2011 from the skillful craftsmanship of I&S, a Florentine company with a long tradition in the artisan processing of Plexiglas. Silia’s international acclaim for its luxury furnishings and home decor brought forth important collaborations with renowned designers and architects. Silia’s creative designs are crafted using high-tech machinery and hand-finished by skilled Florentine artisans. The brand’s use of Perspex, a polymethyl methacrylatewith extraordinary optical characteristics, is complemented by precious materials such as ebony, 24K gold, and python leather.

Massimo Siragusa

Lazio, Italy | Photographer

Massimo Siragusa is a professor at the IED of Rome, a photographer, and an editorial director of Phaos Edizioni. He has exhibited his works in the permanent collections of the Vatican Museums and the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, among others, and has been published internationally in magazines such as New York Times Magazine, Le Monde, and Marie Claire. He has worked with the most prestigious Italian companies, telling their identity with a singular clean aesthetic.

Luca Capuano

Emilia-Romagna, Italy | Photographer

UNESCO, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities, and the Bangkok Embassy are just a handful of the well-known institutions photographer Luca Capuano has worked with. His projects range from photo essays documenting Italian cultural heritage to shoots and ad campaigns for designer brands such as Artemide, Flos, Piquadro, and Bulgari. His photos have been exhibited at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, Abu Dhabi Nyuad Art Gallery, and Berlin Institut für Architektur, among others. He teaches photography at the Isia Institute of Urbino.

Claudia Ferri

Lombardia, Italy | Photographer

Born in Pescara in 1980, Claudia Ferri views photography as the most sincere lens through which to explore man and places. After many years in Rome, she moved to Milan where she works as a freelancer. Her portraits investigate the physiognomic change from puberty to adolescence, while her contextual photography is focused on how environments change depending on the people who live in them. Gucci, Missoni, Fondazione Prada, Nike, and X Factor are among her clients. Her works were published in Monocle, Konfekt, Esquire, Hunter Magazine, and Vogue, to name a few.

John Mirabel

Lombardia, Italy | Artist

Art runs through the veins of John Mirabel. Born in 1988 in France, he is a half-French, half-American visual artist, musician, and curator based in Milan. Polymorphous best describes his artistic language, ranging from videos to installations. In 2020, he founded “Spazio Bidet”, an artist-run space in Milan, and since 2021 he collaborates with the “Le Domaine Perdu” Gallery, Galera San Soda Art Gallery, and JFS Orchestra. Artists such as Liv Schulman, Daniel Steegman Mangrané, and Tarek Lachrissi count him among their collaborators.


Lombardia, Italy | Ceramist

The brainchild of visual artist Martina Zena, ZeNA reflects her open approach to art through home collections whose colorful, handpainted motifs synthesize all the creative influences and sparks that enriched her professional path. Authentic visual codes she describes as concerts, dances, or brushstrokes chasing each other reveal a sense of rhythm that no cup or plate from her collections ever fails to convey. Coherently with its founder’s philosophy, the brand keeps evolving and experimenting with new materials with new shapes and motifs.


Toscana, Italy | Carpenter

Back in 1922, Agatino Maccarrone started handcrafting chairs in a small Sicilian village at the foothills of Mount Etna. His workshop has hosted five generations of cabinet makers, earning the company special recognition for over 20 years of experience in furnishing yachts, private jets, and luxury hotels. Passion, expertise, and technology are at the core of Maccarrone’s philosophy, characteristics that can be recognized and appreciated in every single watch winder, cigar humidor, bar cabinet, or any other fine case, all deftly handcrafted in Tuscany.

Turina Design Lights

Veneto, Italy | Lighting Maker

Turina Design Lights is distinguished by a unique style that dates back to 1620 Venice. Glassmaking expertise and tricks of the trade handed down from father to son for generations now culminate in Alberto Turina, the current head of the company. His various collections and collaborations with talented architects and designers reflect his artistic vision, captured in sleek lines, daring colors, and traditional subjects. Each piece is proudly tailor-made to clients’ needs, desires, and specifications.


Lombardia, Italy | Designer

Founded by Andrea Ghisoni, studiointervallo is a furniture and interior design firm. Blending clean lines with luminous forms, it offers high-quality furnishings that embody the exclusivity of Italian craftsmanship. Research and innovation seamlessly merge with traditional artisanal methods, resulting in functional and aesthetically valuable furniture pieces. Andrea Ghisoni's vision drives studiointervallo's creative fervor, creating timeless designs that elevate spaces with sophistication and style, reflecting a commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.


Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Making outdoor spaces look stylish yet cozy is at the core of Urbantime's mission. Taking advantage of Diemmebi’s years of experience in metal processing, its collections with renowned designers embody timeless charm without compromising on quality and sustainability, attested by their enhanced weatherability techniques and 100% recycling or reuse practice in-house. Buttressed by an excellent and rigorously Italian supply chain, each piece is crafted with care in Vittorio Veneto, Veneto.