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DD Ceramiche Siciliane

Sicilia, Italy | Ceramist

Based in Caltagirone, a city renowned for its long-standing ceramic tradition and unparalleled artisans, D.D. Ceramiche Siciliane follows in that rich Sicilian tradition by creating elegant majolica and ceramic designs marked by their deft use of shapes, top-quality enamels, and precious details. Entirely modeled and painted by hand through a complex process, the brand’s pieces will shine in a range of interiors, from classic and traditional to contemporary and minimalist.

Francioni Mastromarino

Toscana, Italy | Artist

A couple in art and in real life, Eleonora Francioni and Antonio Mastromarino have been crafting joint artworks for more than twenty years. The rich cultural roots of their native Pietrasanta, Tuscany inspired them to establish their workshop there to create contemporary art collections. Among their many works is the monumental sculpture of Leonardo Da Vinci presented at the 2019 “Arte per non dormire - Moti dell’anima” exhibit. Their most recent pieces are dedicated to exploring the horizons of women who seek to live their lives out of the box expressed in a Pop art style.

Ego Rug

Lombardia, Italy | Carpet Maker

Founded in 2020, Ego Rug is the brainchild of Simon Ebrani, a third-generation Iranian born and raised in Milan. The sister company of SASS Projects, the brand is a leading name in the textile rug market, supported by a talented team that always seeks to utilize new technologies and explore new patterns, dyes, or forms. Tradition inspires its flawlessly hand-tufted, hand-knotted, or machine-made designs - carrying on a precious heritage the brand treasures - all the while staying at the forefront of international design trends.


Umbria, Italy | Wallpaper Maker

What started as working on a commission basis for many Italian brands back in 1972 in Deruta (famed majolica district) evolved into a long-term project for the Datteri family when they started selling their products under their own firm Mezzaluna in 1995. As such, Mezzaluna’s trademark is the tireless commitment of in-house designers and artisans to experiment with new techniques for porcelain, wood, crystal, metal, and glass. The brand’s expansive customization options ensure that each piece is tailored to clients’ tastes and decors.

Domenico Cugliari

Calabria, Italy | Furniture Maker

Pursuing brilliant design while staying true to traditional cabinetmaking encapsulates Domenico Cugliari’s sophisticated furniture collections. Born in 1961 with a passion for woodworking coursing through his veins, Cugliari’s namesake carpentry production house is a lodestar in Italy and internationally for its network of selected suppliers and retailers. The brand creates signed original collections every year as well as offers bespoke projects for all decor needs and tastes.

Alessandra Malfatti

Veneto, Italy | Blacksmith

Alessandra Malfatti earned the chance to work as a ceramist and illustrator for children’s books after painting studies at the “A. Vittoria” Fine Arts School in Trento. She attended the “Istituto Selvatico” goldsmith school in Padua under the guidance of masters Graziano Visintin and Mariarosa Franzin, who instilled in her a love for blacksmithing and vitrified glazing on copper. Since 2016, she has been crafting singular pieces reflecting her artistic sensibilities. In 2022, she won NYCxDESIGN Award and participated in the renowned IMPERTINENTE exhibition in Limoges, France.

Claudio Campana

Lombardia, Italy | Accessories Maker

Claudio Campana opened his namesake studio in 2019 after a lengthy training path that led him to master the Scagliola technique. The technique creates a fine plaster used in architecture and sculpture whose mixture of animal glue and natural colors allows a singular and stunning reproduction of marble veinings. Campana’s magnificent works of art are distinguished by vibrant colors and a fluid blend of textures welded into rigid, geometric shapes, merging tradition and modern aesthetic sensibilities.

Paolo De Biasi

Veneto, Italy | Artist

Painter and architect Paolo De Biasi was born in Feltre, Veneto in 1966 and currently lives and works in Treviso. Painting was a love that emerged later in life for him, his work as an associate in UP3 Studio earning him the chance to debut at the 2012 Venice Biennale. He was introduced to the “Italian Nebrow” artist circle by Ivan Quaroni after reaching the finals at the Premio Celeste. He was awarded the Paolo Parati national painting prize in 2011 and his pieces have been featured at the Prague Biennale and the Italy/China Biennale at the Monza Royal Castle.

Frati Home

Toscana, Italy | Textile Designer

Starting with founder Mario Frati and now in the hands of his nephew Riccardo and wife Cristiana, three generations of textile entrepreneurs have molded Frati Home into an internationally renowned brand recognized for its fabrics and textile designs. Keeping a sharp eye on trends without ever losing its distinctive artisan know-how, the brand is committed to sustainability, embracing an eco-conscious ethos in every step of the production process to guarantee only the finest, certified fabrics.

Slow Tile

Toscana, Italy | Ceramist

The contribution architect Leone Pecchioli and set designer Perla Gianni Falvo brought to the “Made in Sipario Social Cooperative” is captured in the Slow Tile project. Born in 2018 in Florence to create job opportunities for the disabled community while enhancing the importance of slowness when it comes to artisan pottery, the challenging aspect of dealing with the market is further fuel for the project, which embraces sustainability by avoiding surpluses. Slow Tile’s special artists see their efforts and creativity taking shape on one-of-a-kind, durable ceramic pieces.

Caterina Quartana

Sardegna, Italy | Textile Designer

Passion for textiles runs in the veins of Caterina Quartana, a born-and-raised Sardinian from a family of textile designers. After graduating in Fashion Culture and Design at the University of Florence in 2003, she established her own brand marked by a synthesis of design and craftsmanship reflecting her sophisticated and meticulous personality. Her art ranges from designing and weaving fabrics to painting on textiles and pottery, all products she crafts exclusively with high-quality materials. Bespoke designs emphasize her exceptional artistic sensibilities for all decors.


Lombardia, Italy | Carpet Maker

A legacy established in 1830, Sahri is a historic luxury rugmaker that draws inspiration from Persian art and Tehran’s vibrant bazaars to create and source the finest quality rugs. A deep and passionate exploration of beauty passed down from generation to generation defines the family’s approach. Tradition and modernity marry in the innovative techniques and millenary materials showcased in each rug, a testament to the art of rugmaking and design in all their complexity.


Lombardia, Italy | Accessories Maker

Furnishing interiors with style and originality since 1934, Valli & Valli was founded by architect and sculptor Pasquale Valli in the Brianza district near Milan. An elegant take on a simple object of functional design, the brand creates singular handles of exceptional character. In 1976, under the supervision of Pasquale’s son Carlo, Valli & Valli introduced Fusital, a collection of handles designed by forty-six iconic names in the national and international design scene. Each handle made by the brand and in collaboration is crafted with care by master artisans.