Woven Wonders

Freshen up your interiors with our edit of woven wonders, from the embracing silhouette of the Lisetta armchair by Bottega Intreccio to the sinuous shape of the S-Chair by Cappellini. Witness the expertise of the masters of their craft, working layers of wicker, leather and straw to create tailored pieces of great visual impact.

By weaving layer after layer, these furniture pieces are entirely composed of a woven pattern making them one of a kind and stand out from the rest. Focusing on a game of movements and fluidity, this pattern is adapted to different types of materials such as wood, Vienna straw, leather, aluminum textiles and even metal copper.

The​ Luce Pink Pendant Lamp is the perfect example of adopting this type of workmanship onto a different kind of material as ​Fisionarte experiments with metal copper in this original piece of lighting. The lamp features a copper-finished metal mount supporting a bulb-shaped shade crafted of galvanized copper threads weaved by hand and finished with a double layer of resin to ensure a UV-resistant and dust-proof surface.

​Da A boasts a unique funnel-shaped silhouette lounge armchair called ​Chika, made of five hundred meters of black technical rope enriched with natural leather inserts. This piece is woven by hand around a structure made of tubular steel and is surely set to be a statement piece in any indoor or outdoor contemporary decor.

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