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Carpenter - Sicilia, Italy

Ornythos is a Sicily-based design firm specialized in luxury furniture and interior lighting. Founded by Sicilian musician and artisan Salvatore Longo, the firm is known for its eccentric and unconventional style that elegantly reveals the complexities and harmonies of wood. Ornythos’ design philosophy is rooted in the synergy between music and architecture, each piece emerging from a spontaneous creative process similar to jazz improvisations, resulting in new and unexpected works of art.


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Harmony and beauty are a gift from Nature, what we aspire to in design, for which we work with passion.

Founded in 2015, by Salvatore Longo, Ornythos is a Sicilian brand from Mascalucia (Catania, Italy) that draws inspiration from tradition and nature by revisiting and creating pieces, including one-of-a-kind
pieces, whose design ranges fromunconventional shapes to those of traditional craftsmanship.
The creative path of research starts from the experimentation of forms combining the most disparate wood species: from native ones such as the Etna chestnut or walnut, to African or South American ones that, thanks to their natural colors, recall Sicilian landscapes.
An explanatory example of this research is the Appalabito, a coat stand that Salvatore Longo, thanks to the iconicity of the prickly pear, has reinterpreted in a pop key by going beyond the ornamental and dressing it with an unexpected functionality.
The use of natural oils in the treatment of wood surfaces is also a step in this path that constitutes a surplus of beauty and adds value to each individual piece in addition to that of materials such as glass, metals, and lava stone that provide aesthetic solutions quite eye-catching.
Research, attention to detail, originality are the hallmarks of Ornythos whose artifacts, customizable, fit perfectly into both minimalist and sophisticatedand refined.
Passion for his land, history of the places around him, popular culture and art are encapsulated in the work of Salvatore Longo, who as Medium Of Design manages to sum them up in his creations: in a word Ornythos!

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