Emilia Romagna, Italy - Designer
In 1987, Maurizio Leo Placuzzi founded Sicis in Ravenna, a town where artistic mosaics have flourished since the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD. Each mosaic is made in Sicis’ workshop executed by the expert hands of a dedicated team of artisans, all graduates from the Ravenna Musive Art Academy. Inspired by ancient splendors and contemporary aesthetic, Sicis furniture is distinctive for its sophisticated finishes and precious fabrics reminiscent of mosaic patterns.

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Sicis believes in three things: authentic inspiration, beauty, and research. Sicis


Since its birth, the Sicis continues to grow relentlessly, always faithful to its values. With its artisans, technicians, designers, engineers, and professionalism in every field, the company reinvents art every day and creates products that stand out, mosaics of every type, but also fabrics, furnishings, and objects of pure elegance, and last but not least, innovative surfaces.

Sicis has therefore gone far beyond the creation of surfaces or products, allowing the use of mosaics to be extended to multiple sectors and enabling it to acquire more and more market share on a global level. It operates on a global scale with specific and targeted skills and in a quarter of a century has covered and furnished homes of various types all over the world, bars, restaurants, and luxury hotels, as well as exclusive spas, swimming pools, stores,and shopping centers.

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Mosaic remains as a common thread and a distinctive element of the company, which, while undertaking daily futuristic choices, always remains faithful to its origins and to the power of the initial idea.


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