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Discover our weekly selection of new arrivals: from furniture to lighting, décor and tabletop accessories, have a first look at the latest addition to the world of luxury Italian craftsmanship.

This week explore luxurious furniture by ​Carpanelli, elegant shoehorns by ​Utile4, wooden floor lamps by ​Isato Prugger, modern vases by ​Rometti, ceramic tabletop pieces by ​Giovanna La Flace, gemstone sculptures by Andrea Serraglass decorative objects by ​Casali Home, sculptural decorative objects by ​Giorgio Cubeddu & wooden storage pieces by ​Arkof

New Artisans

Isato Prugger

    “Uncalculated curves are our nature." Born in 1992, Isato Prugger grew up immersed in Italian, Japanese, and Ladin cultural backgrounds. Trained in Industrial Design, he has been a part of Nèo Design Italiano since 2019, a selection of young professionals operating in the new Italian design scene. He exhibited the FLAI portable lamp with Diomede Light at the Salone del Mobile - Euroluce 2019, one of the youngest designers to participate. Isato currently works as an independent creative in Milan, exploring his artistic vision through novel projects and collaborations.


      UTILE4 is the new fashion brand launched by Walking Sticks, an artisan company with more than fifty years of experience in crafting luxury accessories. Entirely Made in Italy, Utile4 produces fashionable collections of shoe horns that reimagine classic accessories with contemporary exclusivity. The brand's trendsetting spirit, tireless commitment to innovation, and high-quality material sourcing have made it a leader in the luxe accessory market worldwide.

      New Collections


      Carpanelli is an "evergreen" company that recalls memory and tradition interpreting it in an innovative way. It stands out for the recognisability of its design and for the workmanship of high cabinetmaking. It expresses its creative identity through a path of constant research and experimentation that aims to meet the needs of the most demanding international clientele. Our stylistic proposal summarizes a balance between refined elegance and emotional impact. The concept of luxury is interpreted as the ability to create personalized furnishing solutions that enhance our craftsmanship quality and attention to detail.

      Giovanna La Falce

          A unique artist who lives and works in Milan, Giovanna la Falce started as a painter more than 20 years ago. Inspired by movement and the human body, she ventured into three-dimensionality with sculpture, using bronze and iron, till she started using clay and exploring the Raku technique. Her works have been exhibited in Italy and across Europe. Her strongly expressive collections featured here are entirely decorated by hand, with each piece being a one-of-a-kind handmade object.

          Casali Home

          Founded in 1978, Casali Home is a glassmaking company based in Villalta di Cesenatico, Emilia-Romagna. Passion for this material led the brand to push the envelope in glass-working techniques, overlooking clichéd solutions to elevate glass into a functional yet artistic design element. From design to engineering, production is inspired by a constant search for beauty through innovation. Using only high-quality materials, Casali Home crafts products that communicate their passion and know-how while also exuding a singular charm in any interior for any era.


          Ceramiche Rometti was founded in 1927 in Umbertide by master ceramist Settimio Rometti and his nephews Aspromonte Rometti and Dante Baldelli during the vanguard cultural fervor of the 20th century. The brand creates eclectic and timeless artworks merging cultural symbolism, functionality, and design. Joined in 2012 by art and beauty entrepreneur Massimo Monini and art director Jean-Christophe Clair, it embodies a superb balance between a contemporary vision and artistic, artisanal heritage.

          Creazioni di Andrea

            A sculptor and designer, Andrea Serra was born in Lecce in 1981 and was immediately surrounded by art thanks to his grandfather, a sculptor and painter, and his mother, an art teacher. At the age of 14, he came in contact with Lecce’s famed limestone, forming an unbreakable bond with the material and using it for all of his works. His Creazioni Serra pieces are characterized by soft, natural silhouettes and innovative design, kissed by the Salento sun in an open-roof workshop. 


            Arkof began as a craft workshop in Bergamo in the 70s. Specializing in the creation of designer furniture and furnishing accessories, over the years the company has chosen to undertake a path of modernization that has led to the use of new technologies and materials. Arkof collaborates with influential designers with whom it shares attention to every detail and the search for new furnishing projects with a distinctive character. The brand not only boasts a strong presence in Italy but also abroad, due to a widespread distribution network.

            Giorgio Cubeddu​

            Following a career in the industrial sector, Sardinian artist Giorgio Cubeddu transitioned into interior design to pursue his passion for art. Over the past 10 years, he has honed his style to create sculptural yet functional works of art fit for luxurious interiors. Cubeddu embodies a minimalist design philosophy guided by the motto “Between shape and color,” whereby forms, textures, and light interact to reveal new hues and volumes. His light sculptures and panels capture this design ethos, particularly in his use of bespoke colors and varied hand-applied finishes.