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Tour of Campania Craftsmanship

Artemest is proud to present the ultimate insider's guide to Italy. Third stop: Campania. Wander at the natural landscape di place has to offer, Napoli's vibrant reality and suggestive territory of Pompei rich of history. Discover the finest work from ceramists, professional craftsmen working with precious wood and the hidden treasures of the Amalfi Coast.

A focal point of Italy's culture and history is deeply rooted in the Campania region. Touched by the water of the Tyrrhenian Sea, its ground is the architect of the Art of the Comedy, the basalt soil surrounding the Vesuvio, and the highly sought-after pizza alla Napoletana.

Chronicles of the Magna Grecia and the Roman Empire unfold through the numerous historical buildings around the territory such as Neptune's temple and the Natural Arch in Capri, implementing the making of breathtaking sceneries. Some trails lead to the Divina Commedia, depicting Lago d'Avenia as the inspiration behind the gateway to Dante Alighieri's Inferno.


Enriched with historical value, Campania’s main cities develop throughout the coast from north to south. The beating heart of the region is the charming Naples, home of the Palazzo Reale and the Vesuvian National Park. Second is Salerno, elevating for its unique artisanal centers and Medieval Castello Arechi.

Naples is the undisputed nourisher for an electric ensemble of architectural talents and artisanal craftsmanship. In the western part of the city, near Baia delle Rocce Verdi, is possible to find ​Caiafa, renowned carvers, respecting artistic traditions through Capodimonte porcelains, exquisite frames, marble, and bronze sculptures, and interior decor pieces.​ Fonderia Artistica Ruocco has been operating as a bronzesmith since 1970 in the Pianura neighborhood right in the proximity of the city, mastering the production of exquisite objects. These creations are statuettes and sophisticated pieces of furniture forged using the finest materials and exclusive molds made by the company. ​Galleria Elena specializes in the art of the terracotta, creating colorful tiles completely glazed by hand.

In the heart of Chiaia's district, take a peek at ​Mario Bottiglieri's Egg signature motif, expressing transformation through its extending rays of precious stones, then take a tour around the corner to catch ​Materiae Edizioni Napoli's innovative designs, leaders in carving the way for new creators by conceiving unique pieces with metalworking and sculpture of limited editions. Just a few steps away, take a look at the refined doors in ​Livio De Simone's boutique, fully capturing the essence of the glamourous 50s through its bold colors and patterns onto the fabrics, creating a joyful and hopeful ambiance; continuing onto Via Morelli, get inspired by ​Anna Fresa designs presenting contemporary essential lines enriched by the colors of the Mediterranean, dealing with materials such as marble and metals.

​After a stroll around the Spanish quarters, go to ​dueminimo and wonder at the striking shapes of the wooden tables skillfully worked to achieve that contemporary feeling. Then, after visiting the mesmerizing frescoes in Museo Cappella Sansevero, you cannot miss ​Francesco Della Femmina at its design studio gallery, showcasing its iconic square chairs with the most distinct and original prints on bases of brass and iron. Right around the corner are ​Anna and Rosaria Corcione, fine sculptors carving and shaping life in their artworks, exploring through new materials as well as elements of nature and space.

On the outskirts of town, unravel ​Epoca Lampadari with intricate gold leaf finishes onto dynamic lighting designs, ​Lab Design unprecedented painting mastery for tabletop pieces, ​Mario Pagliaro woodworking skills furnishing objects with high aesthetic value whilst having a low environmental impact. In the same area is ​Licia Cicala, is a young artisan venturing into the world of ceramics, depicting one-of-a-kind works of art employing the coiling technique and channeling local legends into her creations. Concluding the Neapolitan sightseeing, we encounter​ Rubinacci Napoli handing down from generation to generation the art of carpentry using exclusively prized wood, making clean and flawless designs, proving once again the incomparable talent of the artisans in the city.

Discover Campania Craftsmanship

Pompei is known for its suggestive landscaping dominated by the Vesuvio, surrounded by the buried city which conveys a sense of mystery to the area. ​Caroline Porcellane stands for elegance above all, manufacturing precious creations of porcelain with an eye for detailing lines and enamel. The skilled carpentry of Leone Intarsi rises in the center of the city, delivering luxury furnishing, delivering traditional pieces made of different types of wood all cut by hand.

Cava de' Tirreni is the pathway to a land of creativity, spacing between the inland around the coast and the volcanic territory. Starting from the northern area, get mesmerized by​ Alfaterna Marmis work, all made in precious marble and capable of reinventing itself through its many collections with collaborations and bringing to life the artistry of many creatives. ​Hebanon Fratelli Basile unveils distinct expertise in furniture making, delivering one-of-a-kind functional objet d’art that perfectly combines design and millenary artisanal techniques, always using the finest materials.

Driving just a few minutes south, it is possible to discover ​Francesco De Maio, master of ceramics and renowned for its tiles works, capable of transforming any interior with classical motifs and colors. ​Lamberti Design excels for its high-quality handcrafted metals employed in intricate designs just as the iconic threading of wires. Emblematic presence in this ancient village is ​Cotto Vietri, renowned for its tiles and the exceptional work dedicated to some of the most outstanding locations in the area such as the floor in the Duomo di Ravello and the collaboration with Francesco Clemente for the Sala del Madre. ​Pierfrancesco Solimene wraps up the tour of this location showcasing the tradition of his family of master potters, skillfully crafting one-of-a-kind deliberately irregular bottles, bowls, and dishes that poetically evoke the simplicity of a lost time.

THE hinterland

Permeating the inland of the Campania region, the city of Caserta transmits majesty through its antique palazzos and sites, such as the Reggia di Caserta and the luxurious Teatro di Corte. ​Keep Life is forged by the joint vision of Ilaria Spagnuolo and Pietro Petrillo, a sustainable brand designed to use bio-inspired materials in unique and never-seen-before designs. ​Ebanisteria Roberto Gambella uses prestigious solid woods to create modern and exclusive products with Scandinavian inspiration, all by the creative designs of Erika Gambella.

​In the town of Paternopoli, near Avellino, is possible to admire the artistry of ​Tropica Design, masters at wood-crafting techniques implied into the realization of sculptural elegant pieces and furniture, in the essence of a bold artistic expression. Moving onto the southern part of the region is possible to encounter​ ICS Ceramics, established in Giffoni Valle Piana, an artisanal brand focused on being on an ever-experimenting journey. ​Angelica Tulimiero explores her artistry with vases, panels, and sculptures from the coral-inspired shape entirely made of ceramics.

In the whereabouts of Pietraroja, get transported into a land rich in history, uncovering Ciro, the name given to the baby dinosaur found in the ground. Its fossils remains weresubmerged since the Mesozoic era and gave the start to an important geopaleontological park with its museum, the Paleolab.


The definite allurement of the deep blue Meditteranean sea, the fresh breeze surrounding the breathtaking green and monumental scenery, and that unmistakable feeling of excitement and possibility are what defines the Amalfi Coast. This specific area is known to be the cradle of pure artistry and brilliant minds, all bounded together by the spectacular scenery of the Costiera.

The warm Amalfi treasures a special type of sun and is home to many artisans crafting unique pieces of ceramics. ​Prince of Sun Amalfi all the beautiful scenery of the Coast included Capri and Ischia is narrated through the creations of these object d'art, capable of capturing the southern lifestyle whilst remaining timeless. ​Architetti Artigiani Anonimi was founded here with the intention to celebrate the authenticity of expressions and pieces of art deeply rooted in tradition.

In the magical Positano is a preposterous mistake to not visit the ​Emporio Sirenuse, a historical focal point for the craftmanship lovers, a place where to wonder amongst exquisite hand-painted ceramics, uniquely enriched textiles, and refined contemporary glass pieces.

Vietri Sul Mare is a center of ancient Etruscan origins, where its tradition of artistic craftsmanship was expressed in the production of tiles. The glossy terracotta was decorated with motifs inspired by the pastoral world and characterized by warm colors. Later, the decorations become more elaborated, starting a flourishing production of floor tiles, called "riggiole".

​Ceramica Pinto rises in this reality with a rich tradition and history, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. Many important designers collaborated with this artisanal house during the years, bringing to life many creations signed by Tot, Rivetti, and Gio Ponti, amongst many.

Immersed in the deep blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Gulf of Salerno is home to various artisanal workshops, handling materials such as porcelain and ceramics. ​Wanda Fascina's hand-crafted ceramic sculptures have organic silhouettes recalling corals and other marine creatures. ​Nello Ferrigno has a historic presence in this city, bringing a rich tradition of decorated ceramics to the present day, and keeping his influence on so many others.

Discover Edit Napoli

An innovative design fair created to support, promote and celebrate new generation of designers. Selecting a specific group of international, independent producers, craftsmen and enlightened manufacturers, the city of Naples celebrates the force of contemporary design. Among the participants meet ​Alfaterna Marmi​Anna Fresa Design​Aina Kari​Artieri​Atelier Macramè​Coralla Maiuri​Fabscarte​Forma & Cemento​House of Ita​La Fucina di Efesto​Lithea​Manufatto​Margart and Medulum.

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