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The Cocktail Room by Elicyon


Elicyon is a London-based design studio founded by Charu Gandhi in 2014, driven by her desire to combine the rigor of her architectural practice with her passion for design and decorative craft. Together with her team at Elicyon, Charu creates luxury and highly personalized interiors for private clients, residential developers, and boutique hotels both in the UK and globally.

Over the past years, the team has built a reputation for being a multidisciplinary studio of designers, architects, and project managers who create one-of-a-kind, client-focused projects in some of the most desirable places around the globe. From an expansive 30,000-square-foot penthouse within Dubai’s One Palm complex to a luxurious apartment crafted in a contemporary British style within Shanghai’s Pudong district, to historic London townhouses, the buildings are designed in perfect harmony with their impressive locations.

We favour a bespoke approach to each project prioritising timeless elegance and contemporary innovation


The Cocktail Room Concept

The cocktail room of L’Appartamento was designed by Elicyon as a contemporary interpretation of a classical concept, drawing inspiration from old manor houses, where it was common to find an antechamber preceding the main dining room with marble basins filled with ice to chill Champagne. This idea was integrated into the design narrative, with a surprising mix of materials, and emphasis on textural depth and softness to create a sensorial atmosphere. The concept takes inspiration from the residence itself, where the walls undoubtedly have witnessed manycocktail parties over the years. Elicyon’s design approach aims to infuse some of that original spirit and excitement into the ambiance.

Charu Gandhi’s goal was to provide visitors with an immersive journey of discovery, accentuating the grandeur of the building while paying homage to its illustrious past and celebrating Italian craftsmanship. The result is a soulful yet vibrant interior that resonates with the authenticity and heritage of the setting.This rich history influenced the selection of pieces from the Artemest collection, which feature links to both the early and mid-20th century, with contemporary twists and accents, aiming to evoke a sense of evolution and progression, rather than presenting a jarring clash of new furnishings in a period setting. Elicyon’semphasis on textural depth and softness plays a key role in creating a cocooned and sensorial atmosphere. The deep, enveloping textures of the armchair upholstery and a wraparound sofa not only evoke a sense of cosiness, but on a practical level aid the acoustics of the space. Rugs are suspended on the walls, against a backdrop of hand painted wallpaper to further enhance the softness of the space, adding to the layering of the room.

Our emphasis on textural depth and softness plays a key role in creating a cocooned and sensorial atmosphere for all visitors.


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