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The Entryway and Flower Room by Studio Meshary AlNassar


Meshary AlNassar is an interior architect and designer from Kuwait. A lover of storytelling and sentiment in design, he surrounded himself with the things that spoke to his design aesthetic. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design from the American University in Dubai, in 2018 he founded his design studio in Kuwait City, gaining recognition for its pioneering work in high-end residential design.

The studio’s focus later expanded to include architecture and product design. His international acclaim came in 2019 with the launch of the '410 collection' at Dubai Design Week. The collection was exhibited in design hubs worldwide, propelling Meshary onto the global stage. In 2023, he opened a second office in Dubai showcasing his commitment to pushing design and architecture boundaries: a journey that reflects his creative ingenuity, dedication to excellence, and lasting impact on the design and architecture industry.

I always like to make sure that whoever is experiencing the space, feels like it has been well curated for them, allowing them to feel welcome.

Meshary AlNassar

The Entryway & The Flower Room Concept

The main concept guiding the design of Studio Meshary AlNassar for the entrance and flower room is to allow guests to envision themselves immersed in intimate moments within them. It is this lasting impression, this sense of hospitality, that will resonate with visitors as they begin and conclude their tour of L’Appartamento.

The entrance is conceived as a functional space with a narrative undertone. It serves as a meeting point for gathering as the day winds down, offering the opportunity for a drink before dinner. Additionally, it provides a backdrop for music, fresh flowers, and ambient lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere. Being the first point of contact of L’Appartamento, this space sets the tone for the entire exhibition.

Moving to the flower room, the design draws inspiration from surrealism, employing pastel hues such as baby pink and baby blue. Positioned as the final room before exiting the residence, Meshary AlNassar intended for guests to indulge in a whimsical moment in this room amidst soft tones before stepping into the courtyard. This space serves as both the last impression of the palazzo and the initial encounter with the outdoors.

I want the guests to envision themselves in these spaces as if you’re a resident of this beautiful home, enjoying a drink in the lobby with a record spinning around with some soft jazz.

Meshary AlNassar

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