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Campania, Italy - Carpet Maker
For 60 years the Di Sarno family, at the heart of D.S.V. Carpets, has offered collectors rare and unique rugs in their showrooms from Caserta to Vercelli to Cortina. The company, based in Caserta and led by Salvatore di Sarno, also offers commissioned customization, due to collaborations with designers and artists and the use of the highest quality yarns, such as pure cashmere, mohair wool, pure pashmina and wool, and also unique yarns like nettle and hemp.

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An art lost in the mists of time, an expression of archaic cultures that knots the mystical and spiritualistic to the universe of symbols DSV Carpets

DSV Carpets

More than sixty years linked to each other by passion, research, and discovery of valuable plots. This is the heritage of the Di Sarno family, the pillars of the D.S.V. Carpets showrooms, which from Caserta to Cortina make rare and unique carpets available to the collector. Precious pieces that beyond being a solid economic investment are first and foremost a fragment of human history; a way to enrich one's cultural and life experience. 

A complex world, then, that of the carpet dealer, which Salvatore Di Sarno, a gallery owner for generations, today embodies with absolute seriousness. From a very young age, following the family vocation, Di Sarno approached the precious weaves by learning about carpets not only as simple objects but as a heritage of human culture.

He learned to understand their deeper value that links to the precious an art that is lost in the mists of time, the anthropological expression of archaic cultures that knots the mystical and spiritualistic to the universe of symbols, thus managing to guide inside the meaning of the carpet even those who want to approach, beyond mere possession, to something that is wealth in every sense.

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