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Defined by a tireless pursuit of geometric rigor with a hint of irony, Errante is the brainchild of architect Ivan Lomuti and artist Gabriele Villa. Driven by a desire to create objects that withstand the test of time and trends, the atelier specializes in furniture collections that stand out for their attention to detail and clever use of colors. Light plays a key role in Errante's collections, the careful study of the interplay of lights and shadows on surfaces resulting in sleek yete bold volumes that suit any decor.

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We aim to offer a product that could hold together tradition, plainness, elegance that endure over time. Errante


Two constant thoughts moved Ivan Lomuti and Gabriele Villa to create the Errante brand: they didn't want to draw anything that they wouldn't have liked themselves in their houses. The duo also wanted to make a deal with time, giving it a collection that could age well. Once set this, they started having fun, coming up with ideas that could always balance between aesthetic and functionality. 

Much of their knowledge and experience, built throughout their careers -Gabriele as an artist, Ivan as an architect, inevitably and intentionally ended up in the Errante collection. Most of all, in the style: the geometrical dryness, the formal scrupulousness, the tireless pursuit for synthesis are important marks of Italianness. Even lightheartedness is an Italian distinguishing feature that Errante has chosen to embody. To do that the two designers used colour as an essential element of design. Each and every piece has its own mood, its sharp personality, its own way of joking around and getting along with different styles. 

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