Umbria, Italy - Ceramist
Founded in 1985 by internationally renowned ceramic craftsman Mario Segoloni, Estroflesso specializes in terracotta and porcelain pottery crafted according to Deruta traditions. Meaning “folded outwards” in reference to a sculpting technique Segoloni applied to ceramics, Estroflesso embodies a design philosophy that revisits traditional motifs while still staying true to local techniques. Founder Segoloni draws inspiration from his native land, echoed in the colors, glazes, and decorative elements distinguishing his original artworks.

Sentiment and reason, emotion and rationality coexist in the artistic form: this is how the master craftsman is able to draw inspiration Estroflesso


For over 30 years, Mario Segoloni has been on the international market as a ceramic craftsman with his semi-finished product. His company GEM - semi-finished products - based in Deruta is specialized in the artisan manufacturing process of the ceramic biscuit.

The semi-finished product is an extremely versatile product and therefore lends itself to be treated like the pictorial canvas; it is possible to apply techniques similar to painting and sculpture to it; it is precisely from this axiom that the idea of applying the extroflexion technique to the ceramic semi-finished product was born.

From here it is a very short step to transform a handcrafted product of great value into a design element: as a pictorial canvas, the clay is transformed into an ejection between the skilled hands of the master craftsman. The original expressive form manifests itself in the perfect and brilliant glazing ; each tile is a single work, but it can become part of a more complex puzzle; each piece is unique and unreproducible for this created in a limited series where each element still retains its unrepeatable uniqueness.

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