Mobilificio RBR Ebanisteria

Veneto, Italy - Furniture Maker
The furniture store RBR Ebanisteria collaborated with architect Roberto Santi to create a new brand that, combining centuries-old techniques and new, high-quality materials, produces pieces characterized by the warmth of wood and the elegance of metals such as brass, aluminum, iron, and copper. The hand-applied stabilizing treatments create striking effects on the surface of these timeless, one-of-a-kindpieces that combine the wisdom of the past with the creativity of the present to bring sophistication into contemporary homes.

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Combine the softness and warmth of wood with the elegance of the metal Mobilificio RBR Ebanisteria

Mobilificio RBR Ebanisteria

The furniture store RBR Ebanisteria, in collaboration with the architect Roberto Santi, wanted to create a new brand to combine the traditional techniques of the past with the use of new, high-quality materials. The metal plates of brass, aluminum, iron, and copper are all subjected to different stabilizer treatments, fully made by hand to create an excavated effect that makes each creation unique.

Mobilificio RBR Ebanisteria started his journey using wooden boards cut from old attics of 16th century Venetian Villas. It is possible to notice the particularity of irregular cracks and ripples created over time combined with a modern feel thanks to the mix of old and new wooden parts.

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