Paraná Studio

Lazio, Italy - Lighting Designer
Designers Claudia, Clementina, and Marita merge their artful visions of interior design in Paraná Studio. Standing out for their singular eclectic charm, their made-to-order pieces are the fruit of collaborations with talented artists and master artisans, who meticulously handcraft each piece and infuse an authentic touch that will reflect and heighten the character of the decors they will inhabit. Fashioned using only Italian materials, Paraná Studio’s products are an exercise in timeless craftsmanship and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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“Tasty homes and spicy pieces”. Working with objects of a lifetime, incorporating special additions to create an interior that looks like our client. Paraná Studio

Paraná Studio

Paraná Studio was created in March 2020, during a global lockdown to offer support to the young finding themselves living in impersonal homes which never had been a priority. Rapidly being contacted by a more senior clientele, Paraná Studio launched as a dedicated interior decoration team focusing on the research and development of unique interiors that are able to express the soul of a space and of those who live in it. Claudia d’Oncieu, Clementina Calleri and Marita Guglielmi’s purpose is to create a perfect symphony with objects of a lifetime and bespoke pieces to form renovated distinctive environments tailored to any request

Working side by side with talented artisans and artists, learning from them, Paraná Studio strives to create unique pieces to meet the requests of their clients and delight the passing voyeurs. Wanting to celebrate local craftsmanship, Paraná Studio only collaborates with maestros who worked with bamboo and textiles all their life. Putting their knowledge forward, every piece is a work of patience and a celebration of beauty.

Paraná Studio wanted to use a material that had a beautiful texture, with a flair of old times, which would suit the purpose and be lightweight: bamboo, a material highly used in the 60s and 70s, with a beautiful natural shade, which settles in in almost any environment, creating warm and exotic atmosphere.

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