Aina Kari Considered Home Fragrance

Veneto, Italy - Designer
Aina Kari Considered Home Fragrance, an innovative sustainable brand meets a fully "Made in Italy" production process marked by a careful selection of the finest suppliers and hyper-local production. From Murano glass mouth-blown vases to hand-poured all-natural waxes to creative story-telling sustainable packaging illustrated by comic book artist Paolo Gallina. Irina Flore, the multidisciplinary American designer with roots in European design, manipulates lights and forms of Murano glass to enhance the experience of lighting candles: a visual and olfactory experience. The brand was founded between Milan and Venice, the axis of Italian design, by Marina Cighir's artistic and entrepreneurial idea, striking the right balance between art as a source of inspiration, and ethics to give the future a real future. It's all about creating with purpose because responsibility is the ultimate luxury.

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Aina Kari Considered Home Fragrance

Aina Kari Considered Home Fragrance is a new high-end and sustainable brand of scented candles that thoughtfully combines the unsurpassed craftsmanship, history and prestige of Italian Murano glass with the finest eco-sustainable materials. Merging creative talent from around the world with a hyper-local production process, Aina Kari is an innovative and plastic-free brand that stands out as a trailblazer in the luxury candle market.

Aina Kari’s debut Commedia Dell’Arte is comprised of four collections— On The Stage, Play, With Confidence, and Coriandoli— as a homage to some of the greatest periods of Italy’s artistic legacy. AK draws inspiration from Venice’s history, the Italian theaters, the iconic masks of Commedia dell’Arte, and the first women who in the seventeenth century first took to the stage. The 4th, Coriandoli Collection – is the collection dedicated to Venice anniversary 1600 years of Venetian heritage.

Founded by Marina Cighir between Milan and Venice, at the axis of Italian design, Aina Kari has been meticulously designed to tell a story; one that celebrates both tradition and contemporaneity in art, design and craftsmanship, while making zero compromises on the sustainability of its ingredients and production processes. After years of working in the scented candle industry, Marina Cighir had gained the experience to recognize a truly performing fragrance, as well as the inspiration to take on the challenge to create a 100% sustainable, high-end scented candle. 

The Collection

Portland-based Designer Irina Flore, Founder of Studio Flore, was in charge of designing Aina Kari’s vase collection for Commedia Dell’Arte. Inspired by the characteristic silhouette of the Venetian water wells found in every piazza, Irina Flore designed the Aina Kari vases to be viewed as art objects and cherished for many years to come. Although it was her first time working specifically with Murano glass, Irina’s experience in designing glass objects allowed her to manipulate light and form to enhance the experience of lighting the candles. By applying traditional patterns and colours representative of Venice, Irina was able to create caustics— magical refractions around the burning candle that offer a multitude of shades and lights brought to life by the flame within— making it as much a visual experience as an olfactory one.

Aina Kari Considered Home Fragrance

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