Antes Design

Lombardy, Italy - Designer
Designer Antonella Tesei founded Antes Design in Milan. The result of a creative research on different types of metal, her bookcases and tables evoke the reaction of a surface exposed to forces that vary from a horizontal pressure to a pull toward the top. Experimenting with bronze, copper, and laser-perforated metal, Antonella Tesei finds new and precious expressive potentials in these materials, combining them with different colors.

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Antes Design

The brand Antes Design was founded in 2016 by designer Antonella Tesei. Thanks to her strong creative grit, each piece in the collection offers custom-made solutions that resonate with the charm and uniqueness of haute couture combined with contaminations from far-way worlds. Antonella Tesei’s consolidated experience in the world of design is furthermore characterized by the ability to conceive each piece of luxury furniture as a miniaturized piece of architecture, with proportions and sizes that are suitable for various environments. 

Her essence, her pure spirit, and her emotional intelligence are “carved” into every detail of her creations, which are authentic jewels made by hand by Italian craftsmen and the outcome of an attentive and evocative creative journey.

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