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Founded in the 1920s under the name “Segheria” by carpenter and artisan Serafino Ginetti, Ginetti Studio creates practical yet stylish fixtures that will shine in luxurious decors. High-quality materials merge with Tuscan traditions in Ginetti Studio’s handcrafted collections, making it an Italian leader in interior design. Now in its second generation, the studio is currently run by Serafino’s sons, Alberto and Giovanni, who safeguard crafting secrets and infuse a modern touch into timeless pieces.

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“Creating a home around the customer” like a bespoke suit, absolutely exclusive and elegant Ginetti


The company is rooted in the twenties when Serafino Ginetti gives the name “Segheria” (transl. sawmill) to his first company. Serafino is a carpenter, an artisan who created his workshop on the ground floor of his house. With the help of a blacksmith and some apprentices, he founded the first Ginetti products, marked by his love for good quality work and his passion for his job.

In the eighties, Ginetti S. & Co. was founded, a business that prioritizes and uses its resources to create better quality product rather than focusing on quantity. The clients who love Italian style and luxury found in the company the answers they were looking for. Villas, boutiques, and luxury hotels: Serafino and Fabio create the perfect environment for every occasion. Today the Made in Italy craftsmanship is directly promoted by Serafino’s sons, Giovanni and Alberto, who run the design studio together. The two brothers look at the future without forgetting the firm’s basis built by their family.

Ginetti’s family has handed down the Tuscan tradition for almost a century, basing its quality on experienced and trusted artisans who work in the region. Made in Italy luxury is balanced with a modern design, refreshing up the old style but without leaving aside its cornerstones and values. With a unique quality, the company shows how Italian luxury cannot be reproduced by anyone but Italians themselves. Hand-made products, high-quality materials, specialists for every requested area, but also precision in every phase of the production, which is followed from A to Z: these are the secrets of an entirely “Made in Italy” luxury.

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