Tuscany, Italy - Marble Designer
Since 1998, UpGroup has distinguished itself as one of the most relevant Italian marble manufacturers worldwide. Based in Massa-Carrara, home of the most famous marble quarries in the world, UpGroup combines traditional handcrafted production on lathe with the latest technology and partners with world renowned designers and architects for their exclusive bespoke collections. The artisans' craftsmanship meets the designers' creativity, to create extraordinary objects that have become Italian style classics.

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Spreading the culture of stone with a careful reading of contemporaneity UpGroup


In 1969, the brand Up & Up inaugurated a virtuous decade of extraordinary projects and continuous exchange with the greatest designers and architects on the international scene. After that, in 1979, in the wake of experience, UpGroup was founded, a leading company in the shaping and processing of marble, in balance between industry and high craftsmanship. UpGroup's laboratories refined and the production intensified, offering the state of art in quality, thanks also to the introduction of always new technologies. 

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